Piarom Date (Maryami)

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Piarom Date is a kind of semi-dried date of Iran which takes as dried date too. This type is among the late-ripening type of dates. Piarom dates are rich in carbohydrates, protein and other minerals and have a high nutritional value. This date is very tasty and it's shelf life is much more longer than other kind of dates. Piarom is mainly being exported from Iran.

  • Color: Dark Brown- Black
  • Size: About, 3 – 5 cm
  • Moisture: Under 15%
  • Shelf Life: At room temperature about 18 Months.
  • Harvest Time: Mid-September
  • Growing Region: Hormozgan Province
  • Nutritional Values:

Energy: 303.8Kcal



Dietary fiber:2.2g