Zahedi Date

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Zahedi Date can be considered as the most frequently used kind of Date in Iran. The ripen Zahedi Date is yellow and short and also it’s called yellow date too. Zahedi Dates are classified in semi-dried Dates. It is also called as Ghasab in some areas of Iran. Zahedi date is a late-ripening date and is grown in almost all provinces. It is also a popular item for export. Average fruit weight is 8 grams.

  • Color: yellow color to light brown
  • Size: 3.5 cm
  • Moisture: under 14%
  • Shelf Life: At room temperature about 12 months .
  • Harvest Time: Mid-September
  • Growing Region: Mainly Fars province, Partly grown in Kerman and Khuzestan provinces
  • Nutritional Values:




Dietary fiber:2.4g